Saturday, April 5, 2014

Such cheek.

Me: I'm going to make pancakes in the morning!
*Silence for a moment from Marley and Solomon as they stare at me*
Me: What?
Marley: Shouldn't daddy make the pancakes?
Me: I've made you pancakes before. I know how to make them.
Marley: Well... Maybe daddy can help you. day, in the evening...

*Bob working tirelessly on three different pies*
*Solomon saunters into the kitchen*
Solomon: Give me... Umm... Give me... A cheese stick, a sandwich and... A peanut butter sucker.
Bob: excuse me?
Solomon: a cheese stick, a sandwich, and a peanut butter sucker.

At least Sage didn't mouth off at all today.

OK, OK I know cheeky rude children are not really funny but I'll take laughs where I can get them.

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