Sunday, May 18, 2014

An email to Bob

So I know this is easier said than done but you should try to banish any thoughts about work on your off days. Its like me and winter. Sometimes I feel like I can't enjoy spring and summer because I know winter will come again no matter what.
We have to enjoy the days were given to enjoy and then we have to learn to enjoy those other days too (like work days and winter days). Maybe we can do it together. :)

Here's some of what happened today.

We went to church at the Duebber's church.

We found what appeared to be a rabbit hole. But upon some further inspection (aka me sticking my phone down in it so I could photograph what was out of sight around the bend) turns out it was not a rabbit hole but some type of old pipe.

There was one spot in the yard that if you stood in it (like in the photograph I took of the house) it was 25 degrees hotter. The reflection off our bedroom window was intense. I wonder how much hotter it would be when it's not 60 degrees. Hopefully it doesn't set the garage on fire.

Marley made sculpture.

This conversation happened while I spun them on the hammock.
Marley: stop!
Me: OK.
Marley: No, not you stop. I was telling my intestine to stop. It was getting afraid.

The two oldest darlings and I played treasure hunt with a handful of those glittery rocks I made for Marley's birthday. Trusty fresh succubi. I just wrote that last sentence on accident because I was wiping off the tablet screen.
Marley said she was a fairy and her power was truth. Solomon was a cat fairy.

I rudely interrupted a cat who was licking itself grotesquely on the front porch.

So I guess you could say it was a pretty perfect day except one major problem. No Bob. Love you. Miss your face.

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