Saturday, May 24, 2014


Just in the past few weeks...

I love my dog again.
I've gained some perspective on some of my fears.
My ant infestation was in the dishwasher.
I can shower and user the toilet indoors!
My darlings are primarily good to each other and uncommonly kind.
My darlings still act and speak like young children.
I have a ton of access to the bible and scholarly resources for when I need clarification, inspiration, destination, or salvation. ;)
Place that passes understanding.
This hot weather! I have shade!
A purpose made clear for now.
Family who make a big it a point to be the change they want to see in the world.
A car that works.
A calm attitude during ordeals.
Adjusted personal needs!!! Thank you God!!
Fellowship. Bravery. Kindness.

And for a good joke in times of need...

Marley: maybe you'll get adopted!
Meghyn: I'm too old to be adopted
Marley: Awwww I'm sure someone will want you.
Asher: (staring at two month old Sage) I hope it's a boy.

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