Saturday, May 31, 2014


"Almost Thirty Must be the New Almost Ninety"

Sitting around; want to write something
If this were the movies, I wouldn't be watching it
Because I hate that @#$*
Pumped up emotions
Stroking our delicate sensitivities
Slow music manipulating us in the background

Sadness: the trillion dollar industry
We're sad because we're alone, we're too fat, we're too ugly
So we go out, we work out, we buy products

I just want to feel my feelings
Long and hard and dramatically
Instead of working through them
I'll let my best friend Adele coax me to new heights
Of emotional lows

It's appropriate that my standards
(For romance and depth of feeling)
Are set by vampires, vulcans and werewolves
Because this level of reality is false
My understanding of my personal value
Is false

This year we pledge to alienate ourselves
To display histrionically the insincere passions of our hearts
We will drink to excess and destroy any life preserving inhibitions
We may yet possess
The most complex and intricately designed falsehoods
Will knot between us
Holding us together, keeping us apart.

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