Thursday, May 22, 2014


I feel like God has really been cracking down on me these last two weeks. I just keep feeling so convicted on things. Like when I was tempted to lie to spare feelings or to save embarrassment, about not making jokes at the expense of my husband (even though they are hiiiilarious ;) and he never seems to mind). Oh and gossiping. Which is harder to quit than I'd imagined.

But despite these feelings of being edited in a major way, it makes me feel good. Yes, I need change but someone loves me enough to work on me. Humans don't live long but yet he thinks we're worth working on.

I've been praying for a clear path in what I should be doing now to further God's work and he has provided. Through twilight observations (halfway awake, halfway asleep) and the devotional I read with Marley. It wasn't a long term picture like I long for, but the short term has been made clear. Praise God! Living in the moment!

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