Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A more accurate portrayal

I already wrote this post and then accidentally deleted it, so I will briefly sum up.
You probably couldn't tell it from my previous post. But today was actually pretty great. Which is why I really resent all those bad memories replaying themselves for no acceptable reason.
Marley went to nature camp.
The rest of us laid in bed listening to the rain.
Bob made us breakfast.
Dad came over and the two Bobs combined fixed the shower! Yay!
Marley came home and when Bob went to work, the darlings and I went to the museum center.
We played at the water tables, in "the woods", in the sand area, in the cave.
Marley liked the ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.
The weather was in the grips of a severe identity crisis and the result was beautiful.
We went to the first ever Findlay Market farm stand four doors down at St. James.
Sugar snap peas. Strawberries. Grateful Grahams (local tasty Graham crackers).
Because of their equipment malfunction, we were given our items free.
The strawberries were gone in five minutes after getting home.
Watched Clone Wars movie.
Read Matilda, the challenged called The Trunchbull.
The breeze is breezing.
The wind chimes are tinkling.

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