Sunday, June 29, 2014

Step by step you lead me.

I wish I could freeze time.

In the deep part of night, when it seems every soul but mine is sleeping
At the beginning of day when my pillow finally begins to release its hold
When lunchtime comes and everyone is hungry but we can not come up with an acceptable meal
When we want to be alone
When we want to be surrounded by people
In our most intimate moments
While our interests are piqued
As we struggle to care at all
During the realization that everything is lost
Or the understanding that it never was found to begin with

He is there.

When we bore ourselves
At the moments our patience snaps
When our overstimulated minds cry for silence
He is there.

Gentling. Comforting. Providing. Counseling. Judging. Forgiving.
He is there.

Each part of me declares it, simple fact.
I'm afraid that people will hurt me.
I do not like to be alone.
So how shall I resolve it
By going out or by staying at home?

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