Sunday, June 8, 2014

Third child

You know what's nice about having a third child?

I'm more relaxed. I accept that some risks are worth taking (the baby may wake up from her nap while I sneak a shower but she'll be ok for ten minutes); some risks are not worth taking (cranky unrested baby will ruin proposed dining out plan, just skip it); some things are not actually risks at all (approximately 0 children have been removed from their homes by social workers because they watched pbs all day while their mom worked on a difficult school assignment) and some things are risks (no letting older children cosleep next to baby!)

My reaction to a stimulus is exactly that. MY REACTION. No one makes me do what I do. I am what I do. I can choose to be calm, I can choose to be relaxed, I can choose to respond with grace... Or not. But it's a lot easier to do that when you don't feel that fear of not knowing what you're doing or whether or not you are capable of doing it at all. I have a 5 & three quarters year old so I can definitely take care of a three year old. I've had two three year olds, I must be able to care for a baby..

These are only a few things I love about having added a third child to our family.

But, frankly, Sage Marie the tiger cub makes it pretty easy. <3

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