Friday, June 20, 2014


Marley, Sage, Solo & I just watched The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe together. They were not afraid, Marley seemed to understand when I explained the parallels with the New Testament. Solo seemed to think it was OK that polar bears were on the side of evil.

Time flies when you have darlings. So, so fast.
Marley and Aimee are BFF's and it is the best thing I never want to take for granted.
Sage turned three months today (going by date and not weeks, just clarifying).
Today a MAJOR step was taken toward me opening up my own business. Major.

Still working on writing my latest idea. 17,000 words and counting. It would be more but some mornings the best thing you can do for your project is erase what you did the night before.


“I just saw you walk in your front door.”
“That would be really creepy if I hadn’t seen your car parked at the Y.”
“I’m getting ready to talk to Primo again.”
“You mean Billy?”
“I am not calling him that.”
“Catherine. You have to. It’s his name. It isn’t like it’s some questionable nickname that borders on being mildly offensive.”
“You mean like Stinky Sam?”
“You call someone Stinky Sam?”
“Yeah, but it never occurred to me he might not like it.”
“Well, why do you call him that?”
“Because his name is Sam and he smells like egg salad all the time.”
I thought about it. “That could go either way. Probably he’s just happy to have some attention.”
“See that’s what I thought. Anyway, I just wanted to call you while I finished working up a perfect sheen of sweat before I talk to him. I’m going now.”

“See you.”

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