Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seasonal depression

I go through seasons where I think something and then quantify it and then do it.
"I'm going to start...", "From now on I...", etc.

Examples of seasons I've been through:

Recapturing the passions of my youth such as climbing things, coloring, saying whatever comes into my head. 

Putting all childish things away so that I can be a dignified and stoic person that my kids can look to... Or whatever.

Eating raw food... Just because I'm lazy and also I heard my dad say something to someone else about how we all cook all the fluids we should be consuming out of the food we're eating.

Selecting colours I would have never otherwise chosen. I'm looking at you yellow, orange, and purple (but not together, that would be terrible).

Wearing black. This is actually an advisable thing to do unless you work in the direct sunlight during the hot seasons.

Wearing bright colors. Only advisable for "white" people if the color isn't pink.

My current season is called "Coming to terms with things that are".

Such as (and I say this with shame, trepidation and self loathing). I think... I might be... Indoorsy.
I know. It's terrible.

Another one? I will never have an afro. At least not a real one or one that had been not been painstakingly and chemically created.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


You know what I like about being a writer?
Writing is a verb and it's the verb most strongly associated with writers. What do writers do? They write.

Not like being an artist. What verbs do artists do? Paint, draw, design, form, sculpt, etc. It lacks definition. You never run into an artist arting. You can't interrupt a very important arting session or get red face mad when your artist boyfriend blows you off because he's tired from arting all week.

Though I am an artist. I do all those previously mentioned art verbs and enjoy it. But when I identify myself as a writer, I enjoy the feeling of calling myself exactly what I'm doing. Like being a teacher or a cook or nurse. I'm doing something and it helps to define my little part of the ultimately  limited timeline of the history of the world.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I love them.

 Made videos of us going over the alphabet and the letters in Solomon's name today.
 New parents all be like "do you think she'll be safe?"
First day of puppet camp and she learned the first rule of pupetteering. "Don't flip your lid"!

“Nicole Gregory?” The first detective approached me with hand outstretched. I took the hand and was confronted by wiry strength and a handshake that was certainly born from years of unequal treatment. The woman was put together with exact precision. She seemed the type who got a weekly hair trim. I knew that type because my grandpa was the same way and they had the same hair style. I’d imagine when asking the stylist for this haircut you’d say “I want my hair to look micro-managed.”

It is worth

I often recite this quote to myself.

"Remember when you procrastinate you choose last." - Incubus

Working on websites, novels, children, self... Stay busy or get buried.
Trying to make sure my priorities are right each day. Never 100% if I'm right but I'm making progress on all fronts. I'm doing alright.

Solomon was laying next to me and having a nightmare. He started yelling in his sleep, "NOOOO mommy!" I woke him up and asked him what happened. "I was dreaming that you ate all the pizza."
"I'm going to stay with this family forever... so I don't have to get a job." -Marley


“I’m changing clothes and then we’re going to look for your phone. Doesn’t it make you feel like you’ll die thinking you won’t get your phone back?”“Because I may never see my pictures of sour cream again?”“Good thing you uploaded them to Instagram.”“Touche. I am so lame.”

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Marley's birthday delights.

Marley has been celebrating her natality in true style this year.

It began with an excursion with Granny and Popop where they made blue berry pancakes, spaghetti and meatballs, and pecan pie. They went to the toy store and Marley got to pick out a bike with the works; streamers, a basket, & a bell. She also picked out a stuffed giraffe that is (thankfully) about 1/20 life size. She got to ride her bike up and down the street by their house with them on their bikes and with Solo too. They also got to visit the horses at the barn where Granny takes riding lessons.

The second date was with the Duebbers and Marley went with Aimee, Ro and Lucy to pick out a new outfit. She got to try on a lot of things and chose a dreamy white dress, black dress shoes and a pretty bow hairband. Then they went home and had dinner and made strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing, which they shared with us when they came back.

On her birthday we had big breakfast (eggs, pancakes, bacon, & sausage) and we went to the museum center and Marley chose which section to go to and when. Then we came home and she opened some presents. A fashion design stencil kit and some new clothes. We had dinner and watched a movie.

The next morning Bob was off work and we all went to Metropole and had lunch, Marley had avocado toast. Then we looked at the art for a time and then we went up to the hotel's pastry making area and Suzanne had made a special pink cupcake with a cookie shaped like a penguin and the cookie had Marley written on it.

Uncle Labron brought Marley a xylophone for her birthday and that was a big hit. "I've never had a real one of these before." You and most everyone else kid.

Gigi and Grandpa Bob picked up Marley and Aimee and took them to the Creation Museum via the Anderson Ferry, which Marley loved. At the museum they walked around inside and in the gardens. They saw a lot of animals at the petting zoo and in the gift shop they were able to pick out something. Marley got a coloring book and a notebook (her top secret spy notebook) and a stuffed dog named "Cuteson".
Man: Did the camel in the petting zoo try to eat you up.
Marley: Nooo. Camels are vegetarians!

We still have Aunt Jenny to celebrate with and we're looking forward to it!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Facebook Status from July

You know what's messed up? I have to ask my phone's permission to spell words wrong.

Highlighting 16,000 words and deleting them. On purpose. It's like willingly giving up 16 days of life for the greater good. Except you don't get any happy feel good vibes from your humanitarian efforts or a free tshirt.

I'm not saying you can't have a beagle. You just always, always, always have to keep it inside.

We just had a family rap battle and I don't want to give away any of our rhymes but my favorite line was "I don't have boogers very often."

Historically speaking boredom and writer's block are both bad news for my hair. Look! I'm the ugly one from Nsync!

Name a type of criminal organization. I'll start: cable company.

Last night I had my sleep disrupted by a weird sound. I narrowed down the possible causes. Thought someone was breaking into a car on the street but couldn't see anyone. Called the police anyway. Turns out there was a giant man sleeping in the trunk area of an suv. I heard him shifting around. Creepy. #superhearing #doesnotwant

We got a parking ticket today. I found a pocket knife. To make myself feel better for the great expense of being 12 minutes late I am pretending that I won an auction for John Stamos' pocket knife for $52.

Happy 6th birthday to my dream girl.
"Who can turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Well it's you girl, and you should know it. With each glance and every little movement you show it." -Sonny Curtis

"I'm going to stay with this family forever... So I don't have to get a job." -Marley

"I need to play because I'm listening to my heart and it says to play games." -Solo

We just ate Mexican in a place with a hospital, three restaurants, and no people. We're listening to Beach Boys in a place where all the waves are amber.

Whoa! Just discovered this great trick to speed up caramelizing onions. You turn the stove on.

The advertisements I get on fb are terrible. I will now attempt to fix this... *ahem* bra burning, Jane Austen, people who wear clothes, Padmé not Leia, people who wear clothes, college, grammar, Lee Kravitz, accordion, historical reenactment, polite, clothed people, Madeline L'engle, free cake, Alligator.

K, hopefully that will help.

Well we couldn't find an accounting camp or a taxidermy camp, so we're sending Marley to madcap puppets' madcamp.

Note I will be posting about Marley's birthday after the last of the festivities has been completed.

Friday, July 11, 2014

A little bit every day...

It took me three hours to decide which black tank top to wear with my go-to jeans. By the time I chose, my butt was sweating and I had to opt for my go-to jean shorts instead. I had done my makeup hours ago having forgone the nap to make time for more obsessive wardrobe-worrying. Then I added a little more makeup, then a little more, then a little more and now I had the whole casual painted whore look going on.I wrapped a scarf around my neck, I took it off, I re-wrapped it, I took it back off, I wrapped it around my head like a turban and was admiring the exotic look when The Kraken appeared and rubbed against my leg in what I thought was a rare gesture of affection but turned out to be just priming to go into a catly fit of coughing up a hairball. Which, for him was a loud dramatic process that happens over the course of  several minutes. The dying gasps of the doorbell could be heard from downstairs, so I ditched my makeshift headdress and ran for the front door.


Sage is fully rolling on her own and she likes to focus on one object and then grasp it and then slowly tractor beam it to her mouth where she bites it viciously.


Marley is on her first non-Duebbers' sleepover with Granny and Popop tonight. I miss her terribly.


When Solomon hums the Clone Wars theme it makes me want to squeeze his cheeks.

Monday, July 7, 2014

I care.

Fluttering, circling, tilting, waving, rolling, undulating, sweeping, soaring, attracting, floating, swimming, growing, reproducing, flying, separating, falling, evaporating, shining...

Doing set in motion by God to make life be.
Always being.
The things that must move, will move.

“What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.”
― Pablo Picasso

Winslow Family Reunion 2014

Many, many Winslows gathered in Central City, Kentucky this weekend. Good times were had. There was a disproportionate number of people with facial hair. My favorite part was watching Popop walk around showing off his newest granddaughter. <3

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Today is..

My mom had to brush out an unintentional dread in my hair today. I'll take that to mean I've been getting down to the business of having fun and been too busy to brush hair.

I'm so thankful to have a family that is so supportive (and capable of brushing out big burly knots). Usually people seem to strike out either in the biological department or the in law department. I totally nailed it. So blessed, don't deserve it. Praise God!