Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Marley's birthday delights.

Marley has been celebrating her natality in true style this year.

It began with an excursion with Granny and Popop where they made blue berry pancakes, spaghetti and meatballs, and pecan pie. They went to the toy store and Marley got to pick out a bike with the works; streamers, a basket, & a bell. She also picked out a stuffed giraffe that is (thankfully) about 1/20 life size. She got to ride her bike up and down the street by their house with them on their bikes and with Solo too. They also got to visit the horses at the barn where Granny takes riding lessons.

The second date was with the Duebbers and Marley went with Aimee, Ro and Lucy to pick out a new outfit. She got to try on a lot of things and chose a dreamy white dress, black dress shoes and a pretty bow hairband. Then they went home and had dinner and made strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing, which they shared with us when they came back.

On her birthday we had big breakfast (eggs, pancakes, bacon, & sausage) and we went to the museum center and Marley chose which section to go to and when. Then we came home and she opened some presents. A fashion design stencil kit and some new clothes. We had dinner and watched a movie.

The next morning Bob was off work and we all went to Metropole and had lunch, Marley had avocado toast. Then we looked at the art for a time and then we went up to the hotel's pastry making area and Suzanne had made a special pink cupcake with a cookie shaped like a penguin and the cookie had Marley written on it.

Uncle Labron brought Marley a xylophone for her birthday and that was a big hit. "I've never had a real one of these before." You and most everyone else kid.

Gigi and Grandpa Bob picked up Marley and Aimee and took them to the Creation Museum via the Anderson Ferry, which Marley loved. At the museum they walked around inside and in the gardens. They saw a lot of animals at the petting zoo and in the gift shop they were able to pick out something. Marley got a coloring book and a notebook (her top secret spy notebook) and a stuffed dog named "Cuteson".
Man: Did the camel in the petting zoo try to eat you up.
Marley: Nooo. Camels are vegetarians!

We still have Aunt Jenny to celebrate with and we're looking forward to it!

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