Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seasonal depression

I go through seasons where I think something and then quantify it and then do it.
"I'm going to start...", "From now on I...", etc.

Examples of seasons I've been through:

Recapturing the passions of my youth such as climbing things, coloring, saying whatever comes into my head. 

Putting all childish things away so that I can be a dignified and stoic person that my kids can look to... Or whatever.

Eating raw food... Just because I'm lazy and also I heard my dad say something to someone else about how we all cook all the fluids we should be consuming out of the food we're eating.

Selecting colours I would have never otherwise chosen. I'm looking at you yellow, orange, and purple (but not together, that would be terrible).

Wearing black. This is actually an advisable thing to do unless you work in the direct sunlight during the hot seasons.

Wearing bright colors. Only advisable for "white" people if the color isn't pink.

My current season is called "Coming to terms with things that are".

Such as (and I say this with shame, trepidation and self loathing). I think... I might be... Indoorsy.
I know. It's terrible.

Another one? I will never have an afro. At least not a real one or one that had been not been painstakingly and chemically created.

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