Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A check up... for your soul.

Marley had her 6 year well check and Sage her 4 month. Ok, so it's a month... or two late for both of those things. That is NOT the point. The point is this: Marley is awesome.

Before the appointment I couldn't remember if Marley had a vaccination due or not (I use to be a super mom and know that incredibly basic information) so I warned her she might but that Sage definitely had at least one coming to her. Marley and Solo both showed signs of distress because Sage would cry because of the shots.

Fast forward to the appointment and Marley is the model patient and answers all of Doc Finney's questions and then answers all the doc's questions about Sage (you know, Marley's baby) too. Marley finds out she doesn't need a shot and goes "Oh but I was really looking forward to it." Not sarcastically either. She really had been looking forward to it. Why? So she could show Sage it was ok.

It was so sweet!
Then it was time for Sage to get her shots and Marley and Solomon both start BUZZING with nervousness. I had to make them both sit down because they were flapping around the room like bothered chickens. Sage only cried for the second shot and then only for a moment.

I love my darlings. <3 I'm so blessed.

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