Saturday, October 4, 2014


Forming habits of behaviors that are healthy for your mind or your soul or your body can be difficult.

If this is something I'm supposed to be doing, why is it so hard? We ask ourselves.

You stop flossing.
You stay up late every night to do nothing-great on the internet.
You consume social chemicals.
You lapse in reading your bible.
You forget for a time that ketchup really isn't a vegetable.

And then you feel:

Good things can be difficult.
Difficult things can be good.

Sometimes saying goodbye to that thing you think you love is the best possible thing that will happen to you. You have to be willing to accept that there is a future out there, for you, that you cannot imagine and that is still worth discovering.

Faith. Strength. Discipline. Love.
Not easy. Worth it.

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