Saturday, October 4, 2014

Milestone manners

Me: Goodnight Sage. I love you.
Sage: Oh look! My thumb is in this crib.

*Three hours pass*

Sage: AGGGGGggggHhhhhh! ! !
Me: (entering room) What's wrong?!
Sage: I was asleep and then I sat up.
Me: Ok, but why did you sit up?
Sage: I need to staaaaand!
Me: (holding Sage as she plants her feet into my ribs and makes her spine straight and rigid) Right now? It's bedtime.
Sage: Staaaaaaand!
Me: (holding baby, rocking back and forth, letting her calm down over the course of five or so minutes) There you go. Goodnight little Sage.
Sage: (goes rigid) Staaaaand!

Thirty minutes of rocking pass.

Me: (gets in own bed, baby in tow) Zzzzz
Sage: (props her arms on my body and straightens lower half and sways back and forth). Yay! Stand!

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