Saturday, October 11, 2014

Things to come...

Being worked on in the now-present and the then-past for the future.

“Take Woodstock for example.”
“What’s Woodstock?”
“It was a music festival that occurred in North America in 1969. It was meant to promote peace, spread awareness for disparities in social classes and harbor a personal interest for civil rights in young people.”
“That sounds wonderful.”
“That was exactly the problem.”
“How do you mean?”
“Everyone thought it sounded so great that afterward people who heard of it wanted to emulate it. Of course this was impossible and lead to what we now know as the Three Hundred Years Funk, during which, at the best of times, everyone sat around yelling at each other about how interested they were in peace and at the worst of times, worked on developing new weapons to kill each other in order to achieve a more harmonious environment.”
“So what did you do?”
The People’s Collective of Ideas for the Improvement of Things in General for All Peoples headed a small special-interest group to figure out how to resolve the issue. They determined the best way to prevent the Three Hundred Year Funk was not to stop Woodstock from ever happening as that would have resulted in several key persons never being born. Instead they altered the size of the effect the event had.”
“How did they do that?”
“They sent a Future Agent of Past Loss Prevention to assassinate Arnold Skolnick.”
“Who’s Arnold Skolnick?”
“An American artist who was responsible for designing the promotional material for the event. Without his simple yet intriguing design, the event failed to ever gain much momentum. The resulting impact was minimized and so lead only to the persistent personal unrest of the  handful of people who went. Additionally it saved the lives of two entertainers who cancelled their performance when the event failed to draw much of a crowd. A musician named Jimi Hendrix, who enjoyed brief popularity after 1969 but not long after and a hoola hooper enthusiast named Olga Fursted. After the events of Woodstock were adjusted, Olga’s performance ended up being quite a show stealer and attracted the attention of officials, who were then in power in the Middle East. She eventually became one of the wives of the head of the regime. Their resulting married bliss is credited for the peace that region has enjoyed ever since.”

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