Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ugh Daniel

Sometimes God uses angels, sometimes dreams, sometimes he sends prophets... And SOMETIMES, he uses PBS kids.

I'm going to speak generally for a moment by saying that I've experienced a certain problem in my life for many years. Through the years I've used many different methods of dealing with it. Denial, anger, sadness, psychology, mathematics, academically developed approaches, etc. Recently I tried again to deal with the problem. I just wanted to take control over something that I had no control of.

It took three days for my newest try to fail twice. Then, yesterday Solo was laying down, sick with a fever, watching Daniel Tiger on PBS. Daniel is based on the old puppet neighborhood from Mr. Rogers and the target audience is preschoolers.
It teaches life skills such as potty training and about how to be polite.

The theme of this episode was solving your own problems. Example: When you can't find your shoe, you should go find it instead of asking your mom.

The reoccurring song was something to the effect of solving your own problem and you'll feel proud. Needless to say it was a simple song and very catchy and by the second time they sang it, I was singing along while I was busy doing whatever it was I was doing.

Then BAM ton of bricks!

While the world learns to do for itself, solve it's own problems, and values total self reliance, the bible teaches something a little different. We're supposed to work, we're supposed to care, we're supposed to provide for ourselves (and anyone else who needs it).

But we can't solve all of our own problems. Because it DOES lead to pride. Not to mention the stunning human examples through history of people completely sucking at solving their own problems. Self absorption, misconceptions, hatred... yeah, terrible at fixing the world.

I can't fix this problem. I cannot control this circumstance without doing additional damage. I will (try) not (to) turn my back, I will not stay silent when I should speak and even more difficult speak when I should be silent.

But God is the one who will fix this problem. And in His time. Though it humbles me, though it rails against my longing for control. I will wait on Him.

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