Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Sometimes I pray for things and then I wonder if I'm supposed to feel confident I will be answered in the affirmative, if I will "receive" what I asked for.

One thing in particular for years. Back and forth in whether I am supposed to feel confident that God will give me the desire of my heart.

But recently I realized I needed to quit feeling unsure; I needed to examine what I know about God. Then I could decide whether I should be wondering or just waiting.

1.God will give us the desires of our heart if we love him (because our love will place his design and our desires in alignment).
2.God does things in His own way and in His own time.
3. God has tons of time.
4. God can weave events and peoples together in a design so complex and beautiful that we cannot dare to hope to plan anything so fine for ourselves.
5. God wants to give us a future and a hope. To prosper us.
6. God loves me.
7. God loves the members of my family.

So these things I know. And now I will ruminate on them and feel joy. Future and hope!

I'm so joyful to be waiting and not having to wonder.

Praise Him.

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