Thursday, December 25, 2014

Best Christmas ever

I had a great Christmas. Really, really great. Though there were a few heartache moments and my father in law was too sick to join us.

What made it great:
Giving gifts people liked. Always my favorite thing.
Roast Beast and mashed potatoes. Ok, actually this is my favorite thing.
Becoming aware of those moments when the destroyer is trying to steal my joy and being able to fight back and win.
Solomon behaving better as the day grew older. Nearly inconceivable.
My husband's very thoughtful gift to me. I loved it. Loved it. I can honestly say this is by far the most thoughtful gift he ever gave me. I cried when I got it.
Marley. Always. Her behavior is sometimes easy to ignore because she's so consistent in her eagerness to please and in her kindnesses.
Family. I'm so blessed by my parents, uncles, in laws, sisters and their families. It's good for man not to be alone!
Sage! Wow! Up till ten, three hours passed her bedtime and she was so very, very reasonable and it helped that Bobby and she are so good together. He was a great help to me.

Jesus. All day long there were loud visual reminders of what Christmas is but it was the gentle whispers I appreciated. My God is alive and His rescue plan is accomplished.

Pictures to follow... soon.

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