Thursday, January 1, 2015

Three blind mice

Sage has a little fever and has been sleeping off and on all day. She's now standing up in her crib, in the dark, chanting "ma-ma, ma-ma..." over and over. Not really wanting me, just talking. I want to go get her and let her just sleep in my bed but that doesn't work because she will be even more wide awake except she will also be head butting me in the boob over and over. Why can't babies do what they're told! ?

Sage is so easy with other adults, even more so than she is with other kids. It's so different than baby Marley and Solo. And she's so happy to go to Bob already. It's amazing.

Marley is reading the adventures of sword girl. It has about 9 million pages give or take. It blows my mind. She is capable of abstract thought in a big way. I feel like it was yesterday when she thought every chirping noise she heard was a "toot toot".

Solo burps.
Solo: Wow! Was that a big burp?
Me: Don't talk about your burp, day excuse me.
Solo: Excuse me. Now, was that a big burp?

Oh and for New year's eve Marley and I dressed fancy and we all drank milk with cinnamon from fancy glasses.

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