Thursday, February 26, 2015


My thirtieth birthday was spent seeing emus viciously bite people I love, picking strawberries and oranges and eating ratatouille, mushrooms, salad, brownies, and baked brie with people who had been viciously bitten by emus. I also got to see Eugene the Orange farm guy. I played balderdash with my parents, sisters, brothers in law and nephew.

I got a quill pen like the ones in Harry Potter.

We spent today at hollywood studios in Disney world. It was incredible. Sage made lots of friends with her evil baby grin and little pokey teeth, she danced to the music from the little mermaid and lion king.

Marley was the rebel spy on Star Tours, targeted by Darth Vader for destruction. We got away!

We rode Star Tours, Voyage of the little mermaid, Muppet vision 3d, toy story... something or other where you shoot 3d objects with 3d projectiles.... We watched the stunt car race, we meet phineas and ferb, we had our photo taken with Cinderella carriage, we saw Fantasmic (incredible light show), the great movie ride where we only closed our eyes to avoid seeing alien, we played on the honey I shrunk the kids playground...

Oh and Solomon received padawan lightsaber training and then proceeded to defeat Darth Vader. No big deal. Psych! It was amazing. I actually almost cried when Yoda addressed the padawans.... and I did have goosebumps. I realize how nerdy I am.

Other news: Bob chased a runaway pink balloon down the beach for 400 yards for his newest niece Anna.

I carried Sage all day because I forgot the bjorn. My arms feel like wet noodles. That is why the spelling and grammar in this entry are terrible. Too tired to fix but want to get a few details down before they slipped away.

Friday, February 20, 2015


If we all pretty much know and agree that the only way to really learn how to do something is to do it yourself... why do we take the approaches we do to education? Jobs?  Welfare? Marriage?

I can't help but see a lot of damage in my life that was created by well-meaning theory.

So how do I let this knowledge affect me? How do I become the change?  Because shouting it from the rooftops just seems like more impractical lessons. Be the change. Don't orate it. Made only a little hypocritical by the method in which I humbly and quietly submit this into the internet.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sewing Machine

For my 30th birthday I gave myself a new sewing machine. So. Glad. I. Did.

I relentlessly researched my price point and had finally chosen. Only to discover the upgrade for that particular machine for sale deeply discounted as it was a floor model. I was afraid but no longer!

So. Glad.
Somebody got in my head and saw what I didnt like about my machine and the list if things I wished for and made a machine. I've zipped through two doll outfits, a pillowcase, a curtain, a jedi robeb made from scraps, a dress made from scraps, a gathered skirt, fitted two dress shirts, I sewed on a button... A BUTTON. This machine is the beginning enthusiasts best friend.

I've named her Mrs. Beast.
And since she retails on amazon for 900 and I didnt pay anything even remotely close to that I'm pretty happy ecstatic with my investment.

3 days to Florida. 6 to Disney. 10 till my baby sister gets married to her dream Bulgarian. Oh and were getting our fourth snow day of the week tomorrow.
And God has shown me ways to work on my heart and I have seen improvement. Despite all the great things, this has been a difficult week. Depression over the unchangeable (for me) aspects of my life occasionally threaten. I pray for strength and intervention and that has helped.

He knows what my heart longs for. The spirit makes the words I fail to think of.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Neat kids.

Marley has been a vegetarian for 8 full days now. I'm not sure what triggered her decision but she's responsible enough to deal with the consequences and I think she's a cool kid.

Today she used the word dreadful to describe her feelings toward the show Arthur. I'm glad. That show IS dreadful.

I'm so excited to be her mom. :)

Sage has begun blowing kisses. She has 1.5 teeth. She dances and claps with great enthusiasm. Every one always says she's such "a happy boy." I really need to stop putting her in Solo's hand me downs.

Solo is so completly obsessed with candy it's frightening. He loves it. Loves it. Be will obsessively talk about all the great things there are about candy and upon finally getting permission to actually eat some, will only eat a small portion. Sometimes I think he likes it because he has heard kids are supposed to like it.

He also adores the fact that he likes pickles AND daddy likes pickles. They are the "pickle brothers".

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Proverbs 1

"In verse 2, wisdom itself means first the practical know-how or cleverness which achieves things, though it comes to be a more abstract discipline concerned with theological questions. Discipline or 'instruction' reminds us that wisdom is not acquired cheaply or painlessly; it involves submission. Thus 'rebuke' or 'reproof' often accompanies discipline or 'instruction'." -New Bible Cimmentary on Proverbs 1: 1-7

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Sometimes there is a lot of freedom in discovering something and sometimes it's enough to just stop trying to convince yourself of something.

I have a feeling I've had this epiphany before but when your memory is short, every day is new right?

So, any way... I hate beading. I do. I should like it. It is colorful and sparkly and systematic and results in prettiness. But I don't love it or like it. I hate it. It takes way too long and if I do the beads the way I want, it always looks terrible.

I'm not going to bead anymore!
And the only reason I ever have to bead is because I keep trying to convince myself I enjoy it.

Freeeeeedooooom from denial!