Sunday, February 15, 2015

Neat kids.

Marley has been a vegetarian for 8 full days now. I'm not sure what triggered her decision but she's responsible enough to deal with the consequences and I think she's a cool kid.

Today she used the word dreadful to describe her feelings toward the show Arthur. I'm glad. That show IS dreadful.

I'm so excited to be her mom. :)

Sage has begun blowing kisses. She has 1.5 teeth. She dances and claps with great enthusiasm. Every one always says she's such "a happy boy." I really need to stop putting her in Solo's hand me downs.

Solo is so completly obsessed with candy it's frightening. He loves it. Loves it. Be will obsessively talk about all the great things there are about candy and upon finally getting permission to actually eat some, will only eat a small portion. Sometimes I think he likes it because he has heard kids are supposed to like it.

He also adores the fact that he likes pickles AND daddy likes pickles. They are the "pickle brothers".

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