Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sewing Machine

For my 30th birthday I gave myself a new sewing machine. So. Glad. I. Did.

I relentlessly researched my price point and had finally chosen. Only to discover the upgrade for that particular machine for sale deeply discounted as it was a floor model. I was afraid but no longer!

So. Glad.
Somebody got in my head and saw what I didnt like about my machine and the list if things I wished for and made a machine. I've zipped through two doll outfits, a pillowcase, a curtain, a jedi robeb made from scraps, a dress made from scraps, a gathered skirt, fitted two dress shirts, I sewed on a button... A BUTTON. This machine is the beginning enthusiasts best friend.

I've named her Mrs. Beast.
And since she retails on amazon for 900 and I didnt pay anything even remotely close to that I'm pretty happy ecstatic with my investment.

3 days to Florida. 6 to Disney. 10 till my baby sister gets married to her dream Bulgarian. Oh and were getting our fourth snow day of the week tomorrow.
And God has shown me ways to work on my heart and I have seen improvement. Despite all the great things, this has been a difficult week. Depression over the unchangeable (for me) aspects of my life occasionally threaten. I pray for strength and intervention and that has helped.

He knows what my heart longs for. The spirit makes the words I fail to think of.

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