Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sage's First Birthday

The fact that it has been now a year and a couple of days since the moment I found out that I, me, myself was going to be delivering my third darling via c-section is full crazy.

It cannot have been that long. Government conspiracy. God is messing with me. Sheer lunacy.

Or maybe it has been that long since she has now begun taking those tentative steps, says words, even strings some words together ('bye-bye' and 'hi there' counts).

What do I know about Sage?

Whatever she wants me to know.
Her emotions are intense and immediate. She is the most possessive non-adult I have ever met. She loves meatballs and raisins (yes, I know, choking hazards, so tasty though...). Her laugh sounds like it comes from somewhere deeper inside the body than laughs typically come from. She likes to dance but prefers to laugh at other people when they dance. When she hears clapping she knows that it is directed toward and in appreciation of her. She may have strawberry blonde hair.

She's a HANDFUL. Two, in fact.
It's not a secret that the baby stage is hard for my go go go personality. But she has been a delight and I've been blessed to have a baby who actually sleeps. I am terrified to be at the point in her life where I have to start teaching her things, things that involve actual teaching and not just redirection.

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