Tuesday, March 31, 2015


'This world perfect.'
There needs to be a word for that. As good as it gets sounds so negative.

The last couple of days have been perfect. Waking up slow with a jumble of kids in my bed, eating breakfast, doing outside chores, having imagination adventures, painting for pleasure, health (not counting the colds), hot dogs, watermelon, time to read together, sunshine, mild weather, breeze, bonfires. Famiiiiily. I'm so blessed to have one that I love and that loves me. Thank you Father!

Solo : What do you think made dinosaurs distinct? Do you think they got hit by a car? Or were they jumping on their bed? Maybe they got stabbed by a sword...

Bob: (while discussing his outdoor plans) I have to quit calling it a garden. It's a farm with borders.

You heard it first here folks. Jumping on the bed can make you distinct and Bob is a border farmer.

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