Monday, March 9, 2015

Vacation favorite moments

Being greeted at the airport by a man in wacky glasses, a sunhat, and a large cardboard sign that said 'The Winslows'. (My dad)

Watching Solo battle Darth Vader.

Watching Sage watch the little dolls in Its A Small World and then try to jump (repeatedly) in the water.

When myBob asked the blind guy for directions.

Marley being super brave and excited about riding the Seven Dwarves rollercoaster with Bob.

Marley being super selective with her choice of souvenir.

When the Disney cast member asked my kids for their autographs.

Sitting with my mom on the beach.

Playing Balderdash with my favorite people (and winning).

Eating baked brie and ratatouille for my birthday.

Watching my little sister and her new husband dance their first dance.

When Katie dropped meat in Robyn's toes.

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