Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The colours of the sunset, the smell of spring flowers, the rush of the wind in the trees, the glitter of fresh snow. All amazing.

None of those stop me in my tracks the way a sky full of stars do. The crescent moon barely visible above the trees. A subject that inspires awe and confidence in artists. Here is something simple and beautiful, that encompasses both an immeasurably large scale of grandness and yet demonstrates the importance of tiny detail. Look closely at any part of God's creation and you will find this to be true. But for me, it's the night sky that brings me to tears. He loves me. The moon is perfectly aligned, wobbling and spinning in space, keeping my life from hurtling hellbent into the sun. The brightness reflecting into the time of darkness to give hope and yet so gentle...

In Heaven there will be no night. The Lord will be the light. I will not miss the night, nor the moon or stars because of the awe and love I will feel while worshipping the Lord. Right now, I cannot comprehend it, loving a place without this amazing sight. Cannot and yet I say, with every confidence, that I long for that place with no night sky.

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