Saturday, June 27, 2015

Falling far

So far from the original creation we've come.

Progress right?

The incessant buzz from the highway.
The ringing in my ears that never stops or goes away though I rarely notice it at all.
The dryness that permeates, only the air is moist and sticks to the flesh uncomfortably.
I make great effort to relax my spine when I must sleep. So accustomed to crouching or standing rigidly.
I'm trained to expect my own sleep space, resentment from infringement.
I do not understand love though I'm made to seek it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Me: You need to leave your lightning bug outside.
Solo: (watches it fly off his finger into the yard) Where will it go now?
Me: It will use its light to find its love and they'll move into a little lightning bug mobile home and have lightning bug babies.
Solo: Oh. (pauses) That's boring.

Classic human. He can't imagine a lightning bug leading a better and fuller existence living out its designed purpose instead of hanging out with him.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Light reflections

What meaningful description of light can be given
To someone who has lived always in darkness?
Words can explain the science, put adjectives to the experience; but how pitiful do the words compare to the reality?
So than the meaning must come from actions.
You cannot describe light and do it justice.
So you must show them light.
The warmth of it, the way it reveals the things and people around you, it's qualities of being both intangible and yet concrete.
Things that must be shown not told.

Do not yell at the madman to see sense.
Do not beat the murderer to teach him mercy.
Do not attempt to keep light to yourself.
For that is darkness.
Be, instead the model of logic, of mercy.

Show them as it was shown to you.
Plead for mercy for your fellows
Those who have lived their lives in darkness.
Our hope is assured and that hope serves as mirror.
Stand and reflect, act and reflect.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


In Heaven during my worship of God, I will lay down, my face on the ground and I will still be able to breath through both nostrils.

Call me an impressionist but I believe that in art it is the form and feeling that creates beauty, not the reality. Anyone who has sketched a human smile will agree.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Struggling against bonds unseen
Giving everything I have
It will not be enough
The failure will, at best, be less consistent
But You
You put it in the wind and I hear my name
My true name.
The One who made me has made it right between us.
It is enough
It is unbearable to contemplate what it cost, but enough it was
And it is accomplished.
My back and arms shake under their burdens, my will collapses
But the promises of God are kept
He will not yield His child to the enemy.
Gentle are the arms that calm and shield this child
Steady is His comfort.
Constant: His mercy.
Thank you Father.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Little things

Teaching kids about sacrificial giving is difficult. At Christmas some of the gifts that were given were wrapped in this pretty metallic paper. I salvaged it because I loved it. I love reusing stuff to make things, but God put it on my heart that I needed to give it to him. Yes, the wrapping paper which had no value to anyone but me. But how do I give wrapping paper to God? The bible doesn't cover this. Should I throw it away? Recycle it? Donate it? Burn it? I folded it up and hid it where I couldn't look at it. Now in June God has given me a purpose for it. To glorify Him. I have been seeking ways to teach my kids about sacrificial giving and the project I came up with is something like geocaching. Essentially we are making little treasure chests, each of us donating a treasure. Then we "hide" it, hopefully to be found by an interested party. So my fancy pretty paper is being used to type bible verses for our treasure chests. I was going to include a picture but decided that would defeat the purpose. Praise God for the whispers in the wind.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Darkness and the weight of the ocean
Protect creatures and depths, I cannot see.
I will die never seeing
But I will put my toes into the surf
The cold of this pittance of water will shock me
Though it stretches from one edge of the visible horizon to the other
I will not see it all, nor know it in my heart

Exhausted, so much so as to make turning on the light too great an effort
I make my way in the dark to my bed, my place for rest
And though tired I will pause at the bedroom window
Senses shocked at the unexpected brilliance
The clear night sky affords this weary soul a view of a thousand burning jewels
The moon, reflecting the sun's light gently, lovely yet dulled
Heartbreaking beauty, so remote and silent
Though I long for closeness, distance though varied is  constant
Always very far, always out of reach.

Billions of people on earth and billions of people before them.
I will know only some few of these
And these few I know I will not know well.
Our hearts are mysteries like the depths, distant as stars.
Though we love, it is a less faithful copy
Than the sun's light reflected in the moon.

A Creator of immeasurable wisdom
Who made life and taught it how to continue
Who trained up the vine and kept the bee buzzing around the flower
Who made seeds, and stars, and water, and people too.
Who whispered a breath into the dust and brought forth a man
The first vapor in a long line of breezes who believe they are hurricanes
Though they are too small to lift a single hair out of place.
This mighty Creator, more complex and expansive than the universe
He who poured the waters into the systems of life that carry on, despite the lack of human understanding
He who knew our souls before our ancestors existed

How Great is our Creator?
He is mighty and ancient and always
His power is the reality of the magic our feeble minds can scarce believe
There is no ritual worth doing except to glorify Him
No fear will be rewarded lest the fear is for the Lord.
I do not want the wrath of my Creator.
Show mercy on us Lord.
We do not see the ocean floor, cannot close the distance between us and the stars,
Nor the space that lay between our human hearts.
Show mercy on us Lord.
You have made us heirs, give us the will to glorify You.
And to You let us bring all honor.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goodbye Metropole.

It was Bob's last shift at Metropole today. I daresay that it will not be missed until enough time has passed to blur the memories with the patina of nostalgia. It's been an interesting experience. The man who longs to leave I.T. to cook, does and does an excellent job of it.

When people hear that Bob's been working in the kitchen, they usually comment about hard that is on family. Sure, it is. But not harder than I.T. was. Poorer by far, sure, but better.

As Bob moves to his new gig I stand in wonder of God's endless ingenuity over ways to bless my family.  Things seen, things unseen. Some of it so plain, some revealed over time. The character that adversity builds is strong and I am thankful.

Thank you for providing for us, for keeping us safe; for surrounding us with love and people who love you.

Give me the desire of my heart Father.
Forgive me for being so rotten at times, so underhanded. Make me want what You want.