Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goodbye Metropole.

It was Bob's last shift at Metropole today. I daresay that it will not be missed until enough time has passed to blur the memories with the patina of nostalgia. It's been an interesting experience. The man who longs to leave I.T. to cook, does and does an excellent job of it.

When people hear that Bob's been working in the kitchen, they usually comment about hard that is on family. Sure, it is. But not harder than I.T. was. Poorer by far, sure, but better.

As Bob moves to his new gig I stand in wonder of God's endless ingenuity over ways to bless my family.  Things seen, things unseen. Some of it so plain, some revealed over time. The character that adversity builds is strong and I am thankful.

Thank you for providing for us, for keeping us safe; for surrounding us with love and people who love you.

Give me the desire of my heart Father.
Forgive me for being so rotten at times, so underhanded. Make me want what You want.

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