Friday, June 19, 2015

Light reflections

What meaningful description of light can be given
To someone who has lived always in darkness?
Words can explain the science, put adjectives to the experience; but how pitiful do the words compare to the reality?
So than the meaning must come from actions.
You cannot describe light and do it justice.
So you must show them light.
The warmth of it, the way it reveals the things and people around you, it's qualities of being both intangible and yet concrete.
Things that must be shown not told.

Do not yell at the madman to see sense.
Do not beat the murderer to teach him mercy.
Do not attempt to keep light to yourself.
For that is darkness.
Be, instead the model of logic, of mercy.

Show them as it was shown to you.
Plead for mercy for your fellows
Those who have lived their lives in darkness.
Our hope is assured and that hope serves as mirror.
Stand and reflect, act and reflect.

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