Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Darkness and the weight of the ocean
Protect creatures and depths, I cannot see.
I will die never seeing
But I will put my toes into the surf
The cold of this pittance of water will shock me
Though it stretches from one edge of the visible horizon to the other
I will not see it all, nor know it in my heart

Exhausted, so much so as to make turning on the light too great an effort
I make my way in the dark to my bed, my place for rest
And though tired I will pause at the bedroom window
Senses shocked at the unexpected brilliance
The clear night sky affords this weary soul a view of a thousand burning jewels
The moon, reflecting the sun's light gently, lovely yet dulled
Heartbreaking beauty, so remote and silent
Though I long for closeness, distance though varied is  constant
Always very far, always out of reach.

Billions of people on earth and billions of people before them.
I will know only some few of these
And these few I know I will not know well.
Our hearts are mysteries like the depths, distant as stars.
Though we love, it is a less faithful copy
Than the sun's light reflected in the moon.

A Creator of immeasurable wisdom
Who made life and taught it how to continue
Who trained up the vine and kept the bee buzzing around the flower
Who made seeds, and stars, and water, and people too.
Who whispered a breath into the dust and brought forth a man
The first vapor in a long line of breezes who believe they are hurricanes
Though they are too small to lift a single hair out of place.
This mighty Creator, more complex and expansive than the universe
He who poured the waters into the systems of life that carry on, despite the lack of human understanding
He who knew our souls before our ancestors existed

How Great is our Creator?
He is mighty and ancient and always
His power is the reality of the magic our feeble minds can scarce believe
There is no ritual worth doing except to glorify Him
No fear will be rewarded lest the fear is for the Lord.
I do not want the wrath of my Creator.
Show mercy on us Lord.
We do not see the ocean floor, cannot close the distance between us and the stars,
Nor the space that lay between our human hearts.
Show mercy on us Lord.
You have made us heirs, give us the will to glorify You.
And to You let us bring all honor.

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