Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A great day

This morning the breeze coming in my windows woke me up. It was catching the curtains and they were fluttering by my bed. Bob was still home so I cuddled him for a few minutes before he went to find himself coffee.

Marley, Solo, Sage and I  took a democratic vote and chose to go to the zoo instead of the museum. So did the rest of the citizens of Cincinnati. Once we managed to get through a sea of traffic we found ourselves in St. Bernard and beyond the zoo crowds.

We went to Spring Grove cemetery. It was wonderful. Perfect breezes, perfect clouds, old trees, young perspectives.

We saw carp that were longer than my armspan. A red eared slider came swimming over to us. I've never seen such a friendly turtle. 

We read headstones and looked for baby girl names for my niece. Solo had me read everything with visible words on it. Including sewer grates.

After we had a picnic and looked around a mausoleum we picnicked at when Solomon was three weeks old. We got back in the car and I asked them what their favorite names were and Marley said Anna and I said Margaret and Annie and Solo said... Hooker.

Note: Hooker was a last name on a big monument that caught his eye. 

... still hilarious.

Then later I got to go on a date with my darling Marley. We got fancied up and ate at Kaze OTR. We had sushi and pork belly buns and Ramen and it was awesome. She was excited and charming and we valeted and got Holtsman doughnuts.

Then up to the Incline district and enjoyed the view of the sunset on the city.

Oh and we listened to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in the car.

Then I got home and Solo, Bob, Marley and I ate doughnuts and Solo fell asleep in my arms (it took about 18 seconds).


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