Saturday, July 18, 2015

Seven years old

Marley is seven.  Prior to this month I didn't realize that seven is considered a milestone year.  All of the mothers in my July 2008 birth club are pining for time to slow and wondering how its all gone so fast. 

If I hadn't witnessed this pining over and over on Facebook every day this month, multiple times a day I would not have realized this was even a thing. Because my now seven year old is still the gentle, insightful girl she's been since the day she got over being a slightly handsy but adorable toddler who liked to pull hair.  She likes magic and sparkles and showmanship.  She values kindness and the difficulty that comes with being a good guy (or at least a good guy most of the time). She likes shows and books and people who make her smile.  Values sentiment and familiar comfort; doesn't value market value. 

She is still the best big sister I've ever seen.
She still sleeps with a snow cap of Bob's either on her head or if it's too hot laying by her head on the pillow.

Marley is very special and I am blessed to have her in my life.

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