Sunday, October 11, 2015


Once when checking out at the grocery store with my baby Marley, I miscalculated and had to put back the little pumpkin I had picked up because i couldn't afford it. The man behind me in line caught up with us in the parking lot and handed me the pumpkin, he'd paid for it. He wanted to make sure my little girl had a pumpkin. His kindness blew my mind, it still does. Probably the money was nothing to him but it was brave. I could have gotten angry or rejected him.

We went to the farm today and we rode on a hayride and we each picked out a pumpkin and I didn't feel tense or stressed at all. It felt very extravagant and good. And I was very much reminded of that man's kindness. I pray I can find the bravery that kindness many times requires.

I'm just feeling so thankful.

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