Saturday, November 14, 2015


My little dog tracks my every move by staring at me through her eyebrows. sage might actually believe that she is a fish. Solomon has started to pick up on the beginning of literacy and he is on fire with it. he cannot get enough of reading to other people.  finding a good book to read really cuts in on my sleep. I am thrilled to have the problem that I do not know if I should read a book work on my painting or continue to stare helplessly at the outline that I am working on for my writing project. I am composing this with voice to text because I am so sick of this tiny keyboard. We had a fire today and we had to fight tooth and nail for it because all of the wood was wet. but with enough accelerant any wood will burn. Bob gave each of the kids a wheelbarrow ride in the dark. they were thrilled, so was I.

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