Saturday, November 7, 2015

My kids

Sage has nine teeth with her tenth about to break through any day.
Today she sang in a breathy singsong voice, "let it go."
She says, "Thank you Daddy", "hi there birdies", "Lulu no! Lulu go!"
She is eating for Crispix for breakfast this week.
She loves to way goodbye to Solo and Bob as they leave in the morning.
She loves ritual. The more steps, the better. I believe it is because she likes to be right and prediction of things counts.
When she hugs me it is like dawn breaking.
She is a messy, messy kid and she will eat pretty much anything. Especially non food items.
She loves to hold Solomon's hand in the car.
She loves going to the green township library and drinking at the water fountain and playing on the kid computers (hitting the keyboard while wearing headphones).


Solomon likes to watch football with Bob. I suspect that it's because of the unalloyed pleasure it clearly gives Bob.
Solo loves Skylanders, Star Wars, Skylanders.
Solomon struggles with hearing things the first time.
He has a wonderful heart and always watches to make sure everyone is ok and safe and doing what's allowed.
Solomon's face is very flexible.
Solo closes his eyes when he smiles.
My heart hurts when I look at him and I feel the urge to improve myself for his sake.
Solo hates to have messy hands.
Solo is moved to tearful sympathy when movie characters suffer. (Eg. Girl gets temporarily seperate from her mom in the movie 'Home'.)

Marley is in the state's  98th percentile for reading and language arts.
She loves graphic novels.
She takes social injustice very, very personally.
She wants to be a scientist, a ballerina, a writer, a spy.
Marley's wisdom has saved my day many times in the past.
Her memory is very good. She can playback violin notes without reading them.
Marley replies slowly when asked questions and the world often rushes her, me included. This is our bad, not her's.
Marley loves crazy socks.
Marley almost always wants to wear her hair down.
Marley loves chapstick and lipgloss.

My children are very wonderful and exasperating. They are much better than I am.

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