Friday, February 5, 2016

Recent doings.

I'm watching: Brooklyn 9-9, Sword Art Online, Grimm.

I'm reading: The Mercy Thompson series.

I'm working on: a faerie terrarium light.. Thing...

I'm reading through Exodus again.

Bob is playing poker and constantly working on growing the business where he works.  The Superbowl is at hand.

Solo is playing basketball and doing gymnastics and playing Guild Wars 2 with me.

Marley is working on violin and doing gymnastics and loves to go outside, whatever the weather.

Sage continues to be the cutest and peskiest pixie of all time.  She loves "pretties" (princesses), singing twinkle twinkle, watching Wishenpoof. 

Murphy is mad at me because I moved his couch.
Lulu loves me no matter what I do.

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