Monday, April 11, 2016

Quotable Winduebridges.

We had an 8am rehearsal for Marley's violin performance. It was in the auditorium at Dater, where the students are congregated before class begins. The chaperones were keeping the unintentional audience quiet while the violinists played their songs. After every song the audience clapped. Sage, Solo and I were sitting to the side and every time the audience clapped, Sage would wait till they tapered off and then loudly yell "Gooo Nonny!"  (go Marley).


Me: "I wish I had a candy factory like Willy Wonka. I've always wanted lickable wallpaper."
Toby: "All wallpaper is lickable."

Katie: I'm going to give this flower to my mommy and say "a pretty flower for a pretty lady." Because she is pretty and because my teacher told me I had to.
Aimee: Every day is 'Favorite Character' for Meme because she always dresses up like her favorite character. Herself.

Bunch of comedians, those Duebs.

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