Saturday, June 18, 2016

Good morning

Saturday morning, after a Friday night when I stayed up late; my kids are asleep but I'm awake because the great acoustics afforded by the valley of my backyard and someone's toddler who is having a tantrum. I made a lackluster attempt to fall back asleep but have up. So now I'd be cranky except I'm recognizing that I'm starting to get to a point in my life my dad told me would eventually happen when I was little. The point where you don't need as much sleep. Except I'm thinking it's possible he might have been talking about that happening when I was an older teenager (and not a growing child) and not when I was thirty one.

I remember feeling really excited about the freedom that less sleep would afford me. I guess so I could blog with only half my vocabulary working while listening to the morning birds. It's pretty good.

Baby steps.

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