Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I sat on the front porch tonight with Marley. We waited to see if we could feel the first raindrops fall. We talked about everything. We talked about how boys talk differently to girls than they do other boys, about the human body and the amazing science of it and the absurd amounts of embarrassment we attach to certain aspects of it. We talked about how marriage is hard and that love means changing yourself to fight for your marriage, not changing someone else. We talked about how some kids get exposed to adult drama and concepts early and how they're ill equipped to handle it.

Me: they might see things adults are doing and not know why they're doing them.
Marley: And then they won't really understand it but they'll tell their friend about it and then their friend will tell their other friend and it will all be REALLY wrong.
Me: *just stares at Marley with adoration*

It was fun, and unfolded so organically. She said how much she enjoyed it afterward, when we came inside and she hugged me. I was misty but I kept the weepiness mostly to myself. Marley's understanding and thoughtfulness is a joy to me.

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