Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Previous posts that failed to post

When my kid displays obvious signs of early literacy my mind is just blown. Like when a toddler makes a sentence of intelligible words, a five year old writes a letter, or a 7 year old catches puns in comic strips.

It kills me goods.

Looking across the dining table at my two oldest children who are both wearing shades of blue that happen to match their eyes.

Writing a book that makes me glad, not anxious.

Seeing art are every turn.

Poems coming to mind.

The unexpected and completely delightful company of family.

I was trying to liken God to something in nature. I thought of gold for its rarity and purity, brass, marble, diamonds, dirt and grass, etc. Till I realized that my thoughts were idolatrous. God isn't like these things, He created them.

My husband climbed a volcano.

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