Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekend wild

Exciting weekend. Home group resumed for the semester, violin class, Marley had a sleepover with Joie that featured both horseback riding and fireworks, and Solomon and Sage attended Jackson's birthday party at a trampoline park. And after the party Solomon went on his first ever sleepover at Jackson's party featuring lots of habachi and Mario and Kirby.

Erin sent me some quotes from the evening.

Erin: Solomon I made you and Jackson a bed on the floor.
Solomon: Oh. He can't sleep next to me. I'm like a tornado when I sleep.
Jackson: super smash is so easy for me.
Solomon: you shouldn't say that bc maybe it's hard for someone else and that could make them feel bad.

We also had church and after the Combs and OConnells over for some disappointing football action, deck-fishing and chili time.

Finally Monday tomorrow we can rest. 

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