Thursday, December 1, 2016

My family

Marley and Solo were battling over who got the toothpaste and Solo says, "Whoever is the smartest gets the toothpaste... Wait! Whoever's the cutest I mean."

I'm not sure if it was a moment of humility or vanity.

Tonight after we left work at the YMCA we picked up a few cheeseburgers and a large fries at Old McDonald's. Then we sat at our dining room table and they talked about how it was the best meal ever and they couldn't wait for tomorrow because we could remove a link from our advent paper chain.  About how Jessica,  my coworker, has an advent calendar with little chocolates you eat each day and maybe next year we could do that too.

So much joy. I looked at them and wondered if next year they'd still be capable of the same childish delight.  God please, I hope so.

Thanks to the planning of my dad our morning was spent talking about charitable giving and how it really helps everyone.  It became a math lesson,  chemistry lesson,  sociology lesson,  and a Bible lesson. It was a great day. 

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