Thursday, March 30, 2017

Oh sage orange.

Sage comes around the corner from her room into mine and starts crawling into my bed.
Me: What are you doing?
Sage: Coming to cuddle you.

She hunkers down between Bob and I and a few minutes pass. She lifts up her head suddenly and says,  "Let's go to my room.  Daddy is too loud."

I'm not sure why his snoring doesn't bother me but I'm thankful it doesn't! Sleeping with Sage is dangerous due to all the elbows and headbutting.

Sage wants to be Catboy from PJ Masks but her favorite super hero move is "Owl wind".

She wants to play trumpet like "my bwudduh Sodo.".

She  loves to tell people about her day even if it's her day from last week.

She likes to have control and order and to understand the order.

She will taste anything once and maybe twice if we tell her not to.

Her birthday was a week and a half ago and she kept telling everyone it was birthday.  We kept correcting her and now she's telling people,  "My birthday is over.  I'm having another one in an hour." Except she means in a year.

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