Saturday, April 8, 2017

Two gecko posts in a row.

Last night I went to see a local Price is Right show at Jack's casino,  it was hosted by Jerry Springer by the way.  Bob didn't get called because they couldn't afford his winning streaks.
While the kids were away at the Duebs, Vegas the Crested Gecko decided it was time to lay her first clutch.  The kids and I were in the "sleeping room"  this morning when I spotted the eggs sticking out of the substrate in the nesting box. So pleased! Perfect white ovals.  In 80-130 days we will see how it goes.  ;)
We are working on a multiple step project at the Winslow Manse. Moving Marley and Solo into the third floor bedrooms.  I'm not ready emotionally.  I know I'm lame, I'm still letting them. Is it weird that I'm feeling extra crazy about window safety?  Shouldn't I be crazy about the second floor windows too?

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