Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Love stories playing out

The other day I posted about all the sweet things going on and missed one. It's easy to forget the major stuff because you know you will remember it. It makes sense, in terms of journaling, I assure you.

My little sister is going to have a baby. Soon she gets to meet a person who will teach her a whole new set of emotions and how to weave them together into a whole new way of life. I am thrilled for her and Plamen. I am thrilled for our whole family. The feelings I have about my newest nibbling mirror those I have about Marley's 9th birthday. God's gentler blessings are grand and wonderful. It is so easy to take for granted but close inspection reveals it for the miracle it is.

Psalm 65
Our God, we look forward to praising you in Zion.
    We will keep our promises to you.
All people will come to you,
    because you hear and answer prayer.
When our sins became too much for us,
    you forgave our lawless acts.
Blessed are those you choose
    and bring near to worship you.
You bring us into the courtyards of your holy temple.
    There in your house we are filled with all kinds of good things.
God our Savior, you answer us with right and wonderful deeds.
People all over the world and beyond the farthest oceans
    put their hope in you.
You formed the mountains by your power.
    You showed how strong you are.

You calmed the oceans and their roaring waves.
    You calmed the angry words and actions of the nations.
Everyone on earth is amazed at the wonderful things you have done.
    What you do makes people from one end of the earth to the other sing for joy.
You take care of the land and water it.
    You make it able to grow many crops.
You fill your streams with water.
    You do that to provide the people with grain.
    That’s what you have decided to do for the land.
You water its rows.
    You smooth out its bumps.
You soften it with showers.
    And you bless its crops.
You bring the year to a close with huge crops.
    You provide more than enough food.
The grass grows thick even in the desert.
    The hills are dressed with gladness.
The meadows are covered with flocks and herds.
    The valleys are dressed with grain.
    They sing and shout for joy.

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